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I was really fortunate to be able to spend the holiday period with my family.  We got to spend 2 really nice days all together in Switzerland where my mom lives with my grandma and all the siblings came.  Not only was it special to be with everyone but for the first time I was able to show them all the things I’ve been doing at SCA and the work I’ve made.  I’ve sent them all a link to my work deck that has everything we’ve made but I’m fairly certain no one really ever looked at it. 

What was apparent was that I have not explained what I do or what the industry is like.  We started from the beginning and dived further into the ins and outs of partnership, what an art director is versus what a copywriter is.  For the first time in a while, I felt like I had something remotely interesting to share that people actually cared about.  My stories usually revolve around me doing something silly in nature or travel. Uni never really hit my interests to the point that I wanted to share much. 

The world of advertising is quite complex so figuring out ways to explain it was fun.  Of course, the big question they asked and wanted to know was am I going to be a copywriter or an art director and unfortunately I still don’t know. Actually no… Not unfortunately, I think it’s a good thing.  I’m not going to get boxed into one thing this way I can keep learning both sides of thing and develop the skills to take me into the role that suits me well and the partnership that suits me well. 

The project they liked the most was the snickers project where I tried to make a radio ad without any words.  We then also started to go to youtube and showing each other our favourite ads and everyone really liked the Flip phone ad.  The other one I showed them that they loved was the Bose Noise cancelling headphone ad (apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree apparently).  My sister cried at the Christmas John Lewis ad. 

Family is good. 

Friends are also good.

I then came back to lovely lovely UK and tried to cut my hair… It went epically wrong and now I have a shaved head. So good to come back to reality I guess.

I look forward to the next few weeks at SCA and am relishing the thought of diving into briefs and getting stuck into 2023. 

I like to give the year a title.  I described 2022 as the year I was taking the steps to becoming a boss, 2023 has a very similar title.  It’s going to be ‘taking steps to becoming a boss 2.0’. 
Keep on the grind, keep the focus high and strive to burn a metaphorical building. 

Also, I want to shoot a commercial for a basketball ad.

And also make a music video.  Maybe a POV riding a bike? The effect in the Asap Rocky video with the buildings is fucking cool. Have a look. Plus it’s a good song. 

I sort of want to have a year of 12 challenges.  Each month set myself a challenge that helps me develop in any way. 

Brain thoughts over. 
Until next time Scabs x

Echo n Out 


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