I love Interview Day by @J_T_1993

John Trainor






By John Trainor


For once the fact I’m unorganised came in very handy today, because just on a whim I decided to check the SCAB rota and luckily it was my turn today, todays a good day as its an interview day.

There are so many reasons why I look forward to interview days but the main reason is slightly dark. For some strange reason I love remembering what it was like standing up there, being so nervous I was shaking, getting my words wrong and getting through a 3 minute presentation in around 45 seconds.

Now being able to sit there and watch others go through the same experience gives me a really nice warm feeling inside.

I know that sounds pretty bad but I’m sure there where allot of people who sat there today feeling the same way.

The nerves really help though, not only with the energy it brings but suddenly the whole room is rooting for you listening to every word you say really wanting you to do well.

Seeing everyone sell themselves, telling us what makes them tick, what makes them different to everybody else is also something that makes me rush downstairs to watch, each in no way similar. Today we had one person bring in a home made sling shot used to fire bedsheets at us, each one had amazing images drawn on them, to a game of pass the parcel,which had me so excited. You can never guess what’s coming up next and I always end up asking myself “how on earth did they come up with that” but I would like to think people thought the same when it was my interview day.

Days like today make me feel so lucky to have a place at the school, bringing back memories of what i first made of the school and how its changed, now the studio seems half the size and I now know everybody in the room is with you not against you.

It’s really cool to think those presenting today will be sitting in the same seats we were, feeling that same pleasure knowing how nervous that person presenting really is, even if they don’t want to admit it.

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