I wouldn’t bet on it – By @gnomeegnome

By Gnome


I wouldn’t bet on it


Horse racing on Boxing Day.

Posh people with money to throw away.

Top sausage rolls and cheap coffee.

Long ass queues just to have a wee.

But you know what… it’s race day,

and there’s money to be made.

Swarms of bodies all over the place.

The race starts and riders pick up the pace.

Irish Prophecy all in black, 

I bet on him but his finish was whack.

I was told to limit my spending there.

But at the time the rush hit and I didn’t care.

A few quid won here and there.

But it ended with no money to spare.

The day reminded me that life is just a race.

Your odds change depending on your chase.

It’s a game and you can never be certain.

Our only guarantee is the closing curtain.

Know when the odds are against you,

and perform so that they’re with you.

Forget cheaters and those who mess you around.

They won’t profit your life, but will put you on the ground.

I always feel the odds are against me.

They rise and they fall constantly,

I know I have a part to play in my odds.

I’m no fucking angel but neither was God.

I may change what I want my future to be.

I may stop seeing people that I want to see.

I need to do whats right for my head.

I’m unstable at the moment, I feel dead.

Things are confusing, cloudy to say the least.

I’m struggling to know what’ll bring me peace.

I’m lost and I don’t know which way to go,

so I guess I just have to go with the flow.

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