I’d Swipe Right

I’m supposed to be at a house party, except I’m in my PJs eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ready to pass out. SCA makes me tired, as does dairy. 

But before I do, I thought I’d imagine the School of Communications Arts 2.0 as a person.

A person at said house party.

Because brands are a lot like people. Innocent smoothie? A cheeky, yet wholesome soul probably in downward dog on the dancefloor. Ben and Jerry? Two fun-loving fellas looking for a good time. They brought flavoured shots. 
The School of Communication Arts 2.0…?

Here’s what I think so far.


There’s no denying — SCA is a cutie. From the disco ball in Town Hall to the colours of POP, the school looks good

And between you and me, the school is very much my type. Rugged. Hard to get. Rough around the edges. No fashion sense whatsoever, but they’re well fed, wide eyed and know what they want. Ooft, I’d swipe right.


My favourite kind of person! The school asks a lot of questions and is genuinely interested in your answer.
With all the awards and success stories, I was totally expecting them to talk about themselves more.

Clear & Honest

“Let’s get coffee one of these days!” 

blatantly lied the school to your face, never.

There’s no flaking with SCA. No lame excuses. No games. No hot & cold. They send a time, date and the restaurant name instead of a “what u up to?” text at 3:07. They like you and need you to know it. But they do expect the same clear and honest communication in return.


SCA wants babies.



Without a shadow of a doubt the school brought snacks. And not just any snacks… M&S snacks. Snacks that weren’t grabbed at the last minute. Snacks they thought long and hard about choosing. Scratch that, they MADE the snacks the morning of. SCA are a thoughtful individual willing to put in the effort to give you what you want.

And that’s snacks.

Let’s say snacks one more time.


Disclaimer: no snacks are currently provided at the school. 



Friends in the industry had warned me of the cut-throat nature of the advertising world, but so far SCA has made me feel welcome and looked after. I imagine having a deep, personal chat with them on the sofa at some point. I’d feel comfortable sharing some “stuff”. (Who am I kidding? I’d share anyway).

A Cat Person

Introverted, creative, artistic, deep, nonconformist, introspective, enjoys alone time, but open to new experiences with others. In other words, the best kind of person. 


SCA isn’t as awkward as I thought they’d be. 

I was ready to not get a lot of people at the school of “misfits” with good conversation few and far between the briefs. But everyone is actually really, really easy to talk to. Dare I say more “normal” than I thought.
It’s only been two weeks I guess… 


Above all really, SCA is fun. The kind of person you meet at a house party and want to see again. But not because they’re giving out shots and are never ready to go home. Because they’re interesting. Full of experiences, stories, ideas and inspirations. They are fun to talk to.

Ah yes, they’re a communications school after all..

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