If you hire people in the ad industry, or if you work in the ad industry, you should read this.

I read a fact in this Guardian article, claiming that more than 30% of people working in advertising are thinking of leaving their job. Statistically, you’ve got more of a chance of being the Chelsea boss for a whole season than seeing the year out with your current employer.

Unless they invest in you with training and development, according to HR News.

The cost of recruiting new talent is never cheap, fast or easy. In fact, it’s almost always expensive, timely and a pain in the fecking arse.  

Then there’s the expense of onboarding them and waiting for them to get up to speed. Will they stay? Will they put fish in the office kitchen microwave?

Just as prevention is better than cure, retention is better than having to endure the nuisance of recruitment.

If you run an agency, or if you run a team, you should know that they will be more productive for longer simply by investing a little bit of your resources into their training.

The HR News article explains some of the reasons, but really it’s just common sense. People feel indebted when they are looked after and they almost always want to do the right thing.  

The cost of training courses at SCA start at just £150 (until the end of April), but it’s more than just world class training.

Learning new skills can help them do the right things better.  Every one of our courses is designed to deliver exactly that.

If you work for an agency, ask them to invest £150 in training for you to become a better employee.  Here’s a menu of our award winning courses. If they are shortsighted enough to say no, and if they don’t offer you a bloody good reason, then run like Usain Bolt because they don’t value you enough. There are so many jobs out there, as demonstrated by the 30% churn rate and you deserve to be in a place that nurtures you.  

If you work for an agency, there is a one in three chance that you are thinking about moving to a new employer. But the grass isn’t always greener. How can you know for certain that the company wants to see you grow and develop?

If your current employer agrees to support your growth then you know that they value you. They already know your strengths, weaknesses, foibles, warts and all – but are still willing to invest in you.

If you are going for interviews, thinking of moving jobs, then please consider asking what autonomy you have in your training, and also what structured, ongoing training support your employer provides.

If they can’t answer that question, clearly, honestly and in detail, then they are a cause of the crisis in advertising that the Guardian article alludes to.


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