During my past 3 years at University I didn’t get the opportunity to work on many creative briefs and those were the type I enjoyed the most. Whilst a  lot of students strived with theoretical work and essays, what excited me most was creating something out of my own ideas and entering a moment of joy whilst developing new ideas.  

There was one brief set during my 2nd year where we were given a brand and had to create a viable brand extension which I thought I’d share. The  group I was allocated to was given the smoothie brand Innocent and this is what we had come up with: 

Introducing Innoscent: 
Innsocent was the brand extension proposal that we had come up with to essentially get the Innocent brand to transition into the Body and Hair care industry as there was linkage between elements of what Innocent represented and skincare trends. 

Market Demand 
Increased demand for natural, plant based skincare options with 26% of haircare users switching to certified natural brands. 

Evergreen Potential 

Evergreen potential body and hair care products are repurchased regularly by consumers so this range has the potential to be sold forever. 

Logo Design Process:

Brand Manifesto: 

we are as committed as ever to create our delicious smelling range using only natural, plant-based ingredients (with no nasty preservatives) so that while you take care of yourself, we take care of the environment. 

we want to leave things better than we found them and take full responsibility for the impact we have on society and work together to protect the future of our business as well as protecting the future of our planet. 

we aim to create a happy, healthy workplace for all our employees to thrive so we can not only work together to create our scrumptious smoothie scented range, but also inspire innovation and creativity. 

we know not everyone has had the same opportunities in life,  but we are working hard to level our playing field to bring people from all different backgrounds together. 

we want everyone to feel included, valued and most of all equal. we are more than just a simple smoothie scented company, we are innoscent

Product Designs:


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