It Goes Faster Than You Think – By @UntiedEye

By Steve Favell



It Goes Faster Than You Think


Last week I did a 34 hour fast.


I first heard about fasting from Michael Mosley on a Horizon episode about the 5:2 diet. Although, you’re doing it wrong, sorry Michael. It didn’t really grab my attention properly until I met my new partner, Nick.


Sorry, still feel weird calling someone my partner without conjuring up connotations of couples scared of marriage. I’ve been experimenting with ‘copywriter’ and ‘business partner’ LOL but neither is quite right.


Nick fasts quite regularly but is not preachy about it. And, after a chance meeting with a guy at my friend’s house who was fasting and eulogising about it, I decided to give it go.


From the moment I got up on Wednesday, my head was full of food and my stomach was empty of it but weirdly I wasn’t low on energy and the h-anger never appeared.


A quick aside, chewing gum contains calories and is not allowed. Still struggling to get my head around that one but, hey ho, you never question a fast guru. (I did. He was right.)


The one thing I did struggle with, though, was the lack of a break. Me and Nick got out of the studio, I walked around and made drinks etc. But all felt purposeless and forced. I really underestimated how much of a ritual preparing and eating food was. A welcome interlude throughout the day which helps me unwind and allows my mind to wander.


I had to avoid the kitchen too, so as to not torture myself. In doing so I missed out on sitting around and chatting. It’s weird how sociable eating is even when everyone’s doing their own thing. But with a little distance, I stayed strong and the temptations never came.


By the time I was on the train back home I was actually less hungry than I usually am on that journey. I thought I might break lying in bed with an empty stomach. I remembered trying to get to sleep when you’re hungry from being ill but by this point, I was in my stride and with being tired from a long day at school, I sailed off.


I may have woken early to break fast (and cook myself a big lunch) but this is something I am going to do regularly. Now I have succeeded with a long fast I can do one or two 16 hour fasts throughout the week, which will really help me save money during a time when I am watching every penny.


The main reason for doing it, however, is the supposed health benefits. It’s super good for you. You do, weirdly, feel energetic during and afterwards because of the releasing of growth hormone. As well as this your body actually begins to run more efficiently. We are made from feast and famine. During fasting your body primes itself making you think and act faster, so you could catch the antelope that runs past your mud hut. The body learns to operate without relying on snacking every 4 hours. And puts me on a level with my partner in crime.

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