It’s getting hard – By @ggflrs

By Gémina Gil Flores


It’s getting hard

We are moving further into Term 2 and it’s clearly getting hard. I’m not evolving as quickly as I’d like and Im starting to feeling stressed about that. I know that this process takes time and I should allow myself to take it as it comes. I should walk in school with more confidence and even if I feel terribly bad when I am not having the best ideas, I should accept that nobody is always good. And that, as Mike said once, it take years to become brillant. We are here to learn, show our potential and while I sometimes forget it, having fun. Because if you’re bored when your work, you’ll do boring stuff. I realised that during the last PB.

One of the reasons why it’s getting harder is because the quantity of work is denser and it requires a lot of organisation to be able to go from one brief to another, from one partner to another, sometimes 3 times a day. Days are long and only occupied with one thing: working. Getting up, go to school, work, follow masterclasses, work, getting home, eat, work, sleep, repeat. Fortunately I was already used to this rhythm before going here because I spent 3 years in a school with the same policy.

Actually, the heart of the difficulty is not into the density of work, but into the quality of the work we’re able to produce. Now that we’ve been here for almost five months, I feel comfortable with theory and strategy. I feel like I know what is a good proposition, and I understand what makes a great ad, where the best ideas are from and how to get there. We’ve also learned a lot of creative techniques so we have the tools. But having the best paint brushes in the world doesn’t mean that you’ll become Picasso. Picasso is Picasso because he is Picasso. See where I am going ?

Do you! Thats what was written on my bookmark. Being yourself? Looks pretty simple. But god it’s hard. It takes me back to my passion project video, which was all about finding myself in my environment. I finished my video by saying (with a terribly bad french accent by the way) “Can I say now that, this is me? But somehow yes, but here and today. Because tomorrow, I will probably be somebody else”. See? I think too much. And I am trying too hard to be me while it should come naturally. I am sure I will get there soon, honestly it’s my deeper goal for the next few weeks. I truly think that the best, no matter the field, are those who have a style, a voice, something unique.

Also, people are getting better – which is a good fact, but means that it’s harder to get above the curve, and easier to feel behind. However, it’s still nice because it gives me the energy to always try to do better go further and walk faster, so I stay in the race. For now, I don’t feel behind, I just feel like it takes me more effort than before.

Slowly, but surely 🙂 Gem ?

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