It’s not a pirate’s life for me (yet) – By @bbrice01

By Becky Brice


It’s not a pirate’s life for me (yet)

Last week I went to see Sam Conniff Allende speak about his book ‘Be more Pirate’. It was a great talk from a great, if slightly sweaty, speaker. In essence he spoke about how pirates have always been the path forgers. They were doing things we call progressive hundreds of years ago. And he talks about how millennials are natural pirates in spirit. We challenge establishment’s authority, we innovate, we ‘incubate ideas in open-space environment’. Sitting in the audience I started to feel a sense of pride. Finally we were being praised for something. I’m used to being berated for enjoying avocados or assuming I love taking selfies. So I let myself bask in the joy of it. But as he went on I realised he wasn’t talking about me. I’m a goody two shoes. I follow the rules and have at least two shoes on at all times. I’ve always hated confrontation and the threat of being told off has always been a good motivational tool to get me to work. So I’m not a pirate. Damn. I’m surrounded by pirates though. Especially at this school.

At the talk Sam encouraged the audience to go out and break stupid rules. Break one every day. On my way home I thought about this and came up with nothing. I seem to live my life obeying rules in constant fear that I’ll do something wrong. Which looks more pathetic written down than it did in my head. So I decided to ask my rule breaking peers. Ben told me to miss town hall. But I’m already here, so to leave now would just be annoying.

So this is an open call for anyone and everyone to submit suggestions. I can’t guarantee that I’ll do all or any but I’ll read them all and ponder whether I should do them for at least 3 minutes each. And who knows, maybe I’ll become the new Joe and go fuck some shit up.

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