Juggling New Blood – By @carlyillston

By Carly Illston


Juggling New Blood 


There is so much to do with New Blood it’s getting crazy. I’m currently working on two different briefs with two different partners. That’s been a good experience so far. I think switching between different people helps you look at your work from a different perspective. This time of year is also the time we start to get a bit more settled with partners. So it’s nice to have to work with other people. I don’t think it would have happened as much otherwise. Especially because we are on separate floors now in the new building. I don’t think that’s disrupted how well we get on as a group or anything. I think it just makes it feel more professional, I feel like I’m at work now more than a school environment. We also have loads to do with our book and other briefs that come through the school. We all talk about whether working in an agency will feel this hectic. People often say it gets as hectic in an agency as you make it, you have to be proactive when you first start especially. I think one of the big differences will be the turn around. Right now all of our briefs last no longer than two weeks which I’m sure will change when we get a job. D&AD will actually be the first brief we spend so long on, other than the campaigns in our book. So far I am enjoying doing and D&AD. I’m really looking forward to getting into the craft and seeing our ideas come to life. Like I said it’s the longest thing we would have worked on during our time at the school. Already I can feel that I’m quite invested in it. I also think it’ll be a time we see our skills really level up. There’s something about working this hard under this much pressure I think will make us improve really quickly. One thing I’ve also noticed is how supportive everyone else is while we’re creating our submissions. We’re all super excited about each other’s ideas and there’s been a lot more collaboration, at least that’s what I’ve seen. In the next two weeks I know it’s going to get crazier, even more stressful, even more full on. But I’m excited to see the other side of it. Bring it on. 

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