The Monday Retrospections. – By @GwenDzelle

The Monday Retrospections. 

So, I never really did this, writting thoughts down. Never had those “Dear diary moments” but there it is. We’ll give it a shot ! 

What are my thoughts right now. It’s sunny outside. The wind is bringing to my ears the sound of children’s laughs from the local primary school and I’m sitting down at my desk thinking back on those last months that we all lived. 

The ups and downs. Even though I kind feel like we could say the downs and downs really. 

I think if each year of our lives are chapter, this one should be entitled : 2020, that bitch. I mean, when you think about it, what a bloody good start isn’t it ? An almost 2nd Cold war, Australia burning down, Coronavirus, lockdowns, social and economical crisis, the death of George Floyd, quarantines and on top of that my ankle choose to meet a rock on my 2nd day of holiday and deceded it was time to break (because hiking is so much more fun that way) – which is retrospective might not be the biggest problem… But still ! Damn you 2020 ! 

In all those downs, I founded one up, being accepted at SCA2.0. But in my excitement, I didn’t actually founded myself less stressed. A completly new start without being totally accepted in the country that I dreamt of living in for many years now. Brexit and now Coronavirus and quarantine, those are the joy of French student wanting to live in London… How are the virtual classes going to work, group projects without a real face to face, presentations without the client’s grins, questions that make me in a hurry to start. I have a feeling of anxious excitement and I’m in a hurry to resolve it. A kind of curiosity rises in me and I’m in a hurry to feed it. I want to discover my new mentors, the new students and new places via my 12 inches screen. And hope that I will do that one day with laughs from an other local primary school, looking at the sun from another window.

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