Just SuperMarc it, by @EdwinaKhayat

Edwina Khayat

By Edwina Khayat


Just SuperMarc it

I am standing at the back of the Drum Chip Shop awards.


Creativity without limits.


I often think about what my own creativity would be like without limits.


Would it be better?


Sure. Maybe.


I often limit myself…


I stop when I overthink things. 


My partner and ex-partners will tell you. 


I’m all about thinking more about things. All about looking for a better idea. But sometimes you have to stop. Consider your options. Consider the time you have. 


Marc took a bunch of us to the supermarket last week. We chose fmcg products. Then we went to the pub, bought beers, and spat out the first thoughts we had. Then we tried being a bit more lateral. Crumpets for disciples. Olive oil wars. 


In ten minutes, we had at least 3 ideas we could push. 


That’s creativity with no limits. At SCA, we’re lucky because we can work on briefs with no clients. No logo is too small, no idea is too scary. Just show how far you can go. How much you can push things. And have fun. 


So when in doubt, when you’re stuck, when you’re overthinking, just super-marc-it. 

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