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Thursday was the D & AD new blood award ceremony. To say SCA did well is understatement, we smashed it. So when the evening’s host gave the schoool a special mention the SCA section of the crowd went mad but I could feel the rest of room muttering under their breath ‘arrogant twats!’ To be honest it probably was arrogant but to me it felt like a big sigh of relief.

Because this has been hardest year of our life. It has broken each and everyone one of us only to build us back up again and again. It has changed our perspective of the world, has revolutionised what learning really means and has not only made us better creatives but also better people.

Everyone in SCA this year had the ability to win pencil, so I feel very lucky to have won one.

 The biggest reason behind the success is down to Dean, Marc Lewis.

 Clarissa decoded him


 And I will tell you why I respect him.
 He is as wise as Dalai Lama,
 as determined as Roy Keane,
 has the brain of a Emmett Brown
 and the sense of humour of a twisted 13 year old boy.

 But for me Marc Lewis’s most defining characteristic is his humanity

He has the grace to admit when he is wrong which rarely happens. The compassion to forgive you when others wouldn’t and will fight for you when others would give up.

 He understands people and knows more about me than my partner, my friends and even my family.

Marc see people for who they really are and he is honest about it because we are not all good.

He knows when you need a swift kick in the butt, or a sympathetic ear.

You want to be his friend, you want to impress him, you often wants to punch him but most importantly, for me I completely trust him.

Because he understands that if he surrounds himself with great people, great thing will happen.

Hannah, Ian, Toufic, Vicki, Steve, Pete, Rob, Caroline, Jean, Dave, Brian, Honour, Claire, Chantelle, Georgia

And the countless amazing mentors who donate their time to the us. Whether it be a masterclass, a crit or a chat, we are grateful. It really is what makes the difference.

And of course every member of MOSH

This place has been sanctuary and there is nowhere else in world like it.

SCA is the best school there is.

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