London (When I Am Frustrated) @HollyISThomas

This is London.

Where the girls want to shrink and the men want to grow. Grow investments, moustaches, grow cock size, just grow. Grow pride, grow power, grow thighs and grow wise.
They must keep on growing like the buildings that bred them, I must keep on shrinking like the mothers that fed them!

I said; this is London.

We have streets in the sky, yet how can we fly?
When bound down and caught up by white men in blue ties. They’ll tuck your earnings away, what you earn each day,
To feed the greed of those who can pay.

I say cut the bullshit instead.
How can you sleep at night with 1 million unfed?
Even May can’t swallow her lies,
She coughs to expel the darkness that’s taken root in her insides.

You step onto the tube and join the walking dead, Exhausted, burnt out by toiling for daily bread.
We get one life, wild & precious, Mary Oliver said,
We need to open our eyes, stand up and stop being led.

Cos we are London!

We have kindness in our fingertips and strength in our gait, It’s up to us to fight bigotry, before it’s too late.

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