When I left school, I worked as a pastry chef. I worked in my childhood town of Southwold, I would wake at 4 am and bake cakes, cookies and tarts, five days a week. My afternoons were spent relaxing on the beach, it truly was a lovely time. However, all of these baked goods gave me different feelings, not just depending on taste. So I have used my ex-baker knowledge to try and work out who is what baked morsel of deliciousness. 

Aimee- Tarte au Citron, a sweet and tangy treat. A beautifully decorated dessert. 

Alec- Pancakes, a delicious, fun treat, you want more and more of. A universal enjoyment topped with creative combinations.

Ali- Black Rum Cake, deep and rich flavour. Soaked with a delicious spice that lingers with you. 

Andrew- Rainbow Surprise Cake, although you may first think this cake is like any other, when you cut inside, you see amazing colours and sweets. There is a surprise waiting for you on every layer. 

Anna- Angel Cake, a layered cake with a sweet pink centre. Flooded with sugary sweet icing and creative decoration. 

Annie- Raspberry Blancmange, a truly fun dessert, retro chic. It’s bouncy, sweet and beautiful.

Anu- Smartie Cookie, a classic treat. Adorned with jewels of vibrant colour. 

Charlie H- Baklava, is a lovely sweet treat for all. Rooted in tradition with an old-fashioned edge. Due to being smaller in size, it is wanted as a naughty treat all most constantly. 

Charlie L- Marble cake, the perfect balance between dark and light. Intricate beauty runs through its core. No sugar coating, sweet enough as it is.

Dave- Rascal, a cheeky and fun treat, filled with surprises. Its almond smile is infectious and makes everyone giggle. 

Ella- Friand, is created with different and unexpected ingredients to create the most delicious and unique dessert. Formed with browned butter and powdered almond to give a smooth, rich and fluffy delight. Filled with berries to give a sweet and surprising twist.

Emma- Profiterole, a fun and small dessert, that everyone wants at a dinner party. 

Euan- Rock cake, solid as f***, will last for ages, and to be enjoyed throughout your life. 

Fred- Battenberg, is an effortlessly cool and classic cake. Covered with understated marzipan, inside an artistic checkerboard design held together by a sweet, sweet jam. 

Gwen- lemon meringue pie, it looks beautiful and delicate but has an incredibly strong base. It has all the right flavours to achieve excitement and then perfect balance. 

Hope- Colin the Caterpillar, a loud and attention-grabbing cake. Fun and silly. 

Issie- Honey Cloud Cake, So light it feels as though it’s in the sky, with a light and fluffy texture. An unusual and sweet treat. 

Jamaal- Sourdough Loaf, effortlessly cool, enjoyed by all, in a sea of sweetness he stands out from the crowd, never doing the expected. 

Jess- Swiss Roll, creative and cool, the Swiss roll is sweet and has a crazy swirl of jam and cake running through its core. 

Jodie- Hedgehog Cake, is brilliant fun, makes everyone laugh, loved by all. Not to mention… it is seen at kid’s parties.

Juliette- Macaron, a classic French treat. Sweet and delicious, leaves you wanting more and more.

Lara- Canelé, an unusual cake. Baked with a hard, crisp exterior and a deliciously sweet interior. This cake is nothing but surprising and incredible with every bite. 

Molly- Cupcake, sweet and petite. By having a spongy, resilient base, creativity can pour out through the yummy icing on top. 

Nabeel- Custard Doughnut. A classic, old-school dessert. With a sweet exterior and a classic interior. 

Nesu- Black Forest Gateau, a dark and rich cake, with many layers and flavour. This cake has an air of depth and mystery. Adorned in a stylish combination of black, white and red.

Nicole- Pineapple Upside Down Cake, with its beautiful bright colours, this cake is a ray of sunshine. It is unexpected and different, not to mention lovely and sweet.

Oscar- Tart

Pascaline- Apple Crumble, a home comfort. Everyone loves an apple crumble and feels comforted by every bite. 

Pj – Granola Bar, full of nutty goodness. It’s perfect for on-the-go, for a quick burst of energy. 

Rob- Opera Cake, this cake may appear straight-edged, but it takes an incredible amount of time and creativity to form a cake like this. It has many layers of nutty almond cake, soaked in energising coffee and layered with a smooth, classic chocolate ganache. A pinnacle of cake. 

Rohmarra- Cinnamon Apple Cake, is a delicious and sweet treat, with little punches of spice and the sweetness of the apple, this cake is truly lovely.

Tara- Lemon Cheesecake, delicate and pristine. This cheesecake has a wonderful depth of flavour and a lovely amount of sweetness. 

Travis- Mini Chocolate Muffins, an endless supply of energy, fun and sweet. 

Xavier- Pistachio Eclair, a long and slender dessert. But the pistachio is different from the normal chocolate eclair, with a sweet and nutty richness that runs throughout. Not to mention unusual, due to its bright green colour.


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