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Sasha Midgley

By Sasha Midgley



LSFF: Short Film Animations


Last Friday night was an experience, to say the least. 

One of my favourite people at SCA, shout out to Arthur, is very passionate about film and he invited a few of us along to a collection of short animation films. 

I’ve never taken acid but if I ever do I imagine it would feel like what I experienced at the ICA short films festival. 

I managed to track down some of the titles so you can witness for yourself the bizarre ongoings that played on Friday.

I’ve listed them with my least favourite at the beginning (still worth watching) and my favourites at the end.

The first film played was based on a story by Jack London about survival in polar temperatures of the Yukon’s winter.

When looking for the video, I found that it raised €26,478 on Indiegogo for the production.

Here’s the clip:

To Build a Fire, directed by FX Goby and produced by Composite Films.

Next up and increasing on the acid scale was this beauty ‘Love In Idleness’ produced by Kim Noce. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the full animation anywhere but this should give you a good indication of what was going on for 3 minutes…

Following on was a video that still haunts me now, the story revolved around a couple both made from knitted materials. It was called ‘A Love Story’ and if you fancy watching it, here’s some behind the scenes footage I managed to find.

Sue Dunam’s ‘Klementhro’ was probably the most humorous of them all, If you watch this trailer you’ll probably wonder why it was funny – but imagine that clip repeatedly played… I promise you’d laugh.

(Klementhro also reminded me of Kyle)

Johnno’s Dead was AMAZING and by far my favourite, I’m starting to realise that none of these animations have the full versions online, I’m assuming it’s because they all came out recently but definitely try and find Johnno’s Dead if you take anything from this SCAB. Here’s the trailer to it 

Quick synopsis: The story starts with the narrator going to prison after there was a fire in a tower block which was caused by his best friend Johnno. The narrator is then released from prison and has to adjust to life outside after serving 13 years. GO AND WATCH IT.

WOOHOO I finally found a directors cut! The following short film is ‘World War Cup’, it’s following a game between England and Germany in a pub, quite amusing, probably more amusing if you actually like football.

James – Dear John produced by Péter Vácz was more likes a music video but a sinister music video… I’ve never liked warped puppet type characters, even the Italian family Dolmio adverts used to scare me but it’s that’s up your street then take a look at this

So there you have it, a gift from me to you. The brief summaries and a bunch of weird and wonderful videos for you to browse. You are welcome. 

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There’s a lot of great exhibitions, films and events that happen there.

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