Lucky to be so stressed. By @RomanLapacz

Roman Lapacz

By Roman Lapacz


Lucky to be so stressed.

We all know the feeling of being drowned by the amount of work we get, and while other things just come along and add to our plate, we often think: “How the hell am I supposed to do all that?”

Marc and the other mentors keep repeating us it’s just about discipline and time management. And they are absolutely right, this the right solution to get threw it, and you will be amazed of how productive you can become with just a little bit of organisation.

But on an emotionnal point of view this is not really helping. We need mindfulness.
As young students, we have lots energy, but we often waste it thinking way too much about the problem instead of acting. We get worried because we don’t have the experience yet.

So when I’m feeling overloaded, when the panic hits, I start by planning things, and then I have a moment to think about all the different times I felt the exact same way.

And I remember it always ended up being ok.

No matter how much things you have going on, in your work or in your personnal life, just keep in mind you are being stressed only because you care, and this will help you to get the job done and meet the deadline. Now get to work.

And don’t forget how lucky we are.
First, because we are doing exactly what you want to do, we made choices that led us to this particular moments, that’s something only a few of us on the planet earth get the chance to have. And that’s whithout even talking about the fantastic environnement we are currently working in..

But also, when you will be old and accomplished, you will miss this feeling of hanger you have when you are on your twentys, you will miss that energy but also the insecurity of not knowing  what’s going to happen. So just enjoy the journey.

Be aware of what you have achieved so far and when this particular hard working time period will be done, you will wonder why you got so worried to start with.

And you will move on to the next one.

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