My last SCAB

This is my 10th week at SCA. 

10 weeks ago I arrived with dreams and hope, that I have -proudly- achieve. I don’t know what I was expecting, but certainly not what I have experienced ! I discovered the British culture, and it’s so different from the french one, I mean we drunk prosecco at school at 9am, it says it all. The education process is really different, here you speak about SMP and concept, whereas in France we talk about layout and aesthetic. When you run into someone, they’ll say “Hiiii how are you today ?!” and in France they won’t bother saying anything to you, and I’m kinda the same, I feel like sometimes I’m being rude when really it’s just culture differences! However, I liked my experience so much here, I really hope my eyes could take videos and store it in my mind for me to watch it all over again (well I hope Elon Musk doesn’t hear me..)

I have met more people that I can count, I filled two notebooks, spent more money that my bank account allows me on food, I have been in the underground 50 times to come at school and 50 times to leave it.

And in few days, I will step in the Victoria line to Brixton for the last time ever.

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