My nearest and dearest – By @laurenbodiam

By Lauren Bodiam


My nearest and dearest

Aside from the fantastic weather this easter is coming to a cracking close. It’s been the first time in a long time I have spent proper time with some of my nearest and dearest. With Lucy being away. I have taken a step back from SCA. and the past 3 days I have spent having pre birthday celebrations with some top pals of mine. Having being away from them for so long here are some top things I have learnt the past few days.

  1. Not spending a penny can be the most rewarding day out. When doing a picnic always make food at home which your parents have bought.
  2. No matter how long its been of ignored messages and clicking un attending everything they aren’t fazed and just happy to see you when they can
  3. Without you they have been to less gigs, and fill their weekends in yoga instead
  4. They do a lot of yoga and now sit in very funny positions
  5. They have just as little money as you and are happier to see you poor so they have an excuse not to spend money too
  6. Rosalia is great. You should all listen to her
  7. Not having to carry a bag with your laptop in is probably one of the greatest feelings
  8. Talk to your friends about your work as embarrassing as it can be despite not doing

    advertising they have a lot of great ideas they are willing to gift you

  9. When talking through some of the work you have done you can really tell what’s great

    and not so great. Their face says it all.

  10. A group of you having your phones dead is second best to not carrying your laptop it

    can lead you to getting lost and ending up in little Venice which is actually very pretty

  11. Conversations can lead to SMP’s
  12. Most of my clothes are actually in other people’s wardrobes (it’s fine they look better in them anyway)
  13. Crisps are always a great food choice because they are consistent in taste. Fruit, not so much
  14. Every blueberry taste different. That i’m not even sure what a blueberry is supposed to taste like
  15. My friends actually have the best style and Im jealous I cant dress myself that well
  16. It’s no longer coat season and my trusted black leather jacket does not need to see the light of day

    Check in with my friends more often. Whether its a call or dinner after school you need them a lot more than you realise and they are going through some shit too

I’m not really sure what I have written above. This scab was late. And I think i’m a little sun stroked.

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