No Value Here – By @DJayDancer1

By Dan Johnson

No Value Here

Work that works for you.


Many a thought on that phrase Mike shares with us.


But I don’t really want to share my thoughts.


No one is listening so what’s the point.


I mean it will only end in ridicule.


I find writing for a student blog so cringe anyway.


I always end up feeling like a wannabe author, who only writes characters based on himself.


An overly philosophical outlook on an average life.


I mean I generally listen to people who have the result I want. Which is common sense, I hope.


But by that token, I wouldn’t listen to myself.


So I feel I haven’t earned my right to share.


It’s a bit weird that this feeling only ever surfaces when it comes to writing.


That feeling of not being special enough to ask you for 5 minutes, of not having anything to impart on my peers.


Not that anyone is special anyway. Not an idiot like me, a genius like Elon Musk or anyone in between. We will all die, our creations will die and our mark on existence is so finite that there’s nearly no point…




I mean we’re alive, which to me is the only reason to act, love, laugh I reckon.


‘’Man has no right to the fruit. Man has only right to the act itself’’ or so they say.


Oh god listen to me, I’m doing the overly philosophical thing I said I didn’t want to do for fuck sake!


I might as well quit SCA now and start writing fiction about how


‘’In many ways being a father is like drinking scalding hot coffee…..’’


If I did have any ambitions as a writer, I reckon I would have been telling you to look forward to my first book for the past 10 years now.


Not for fear of picking up the pen but rather the enjoyment of one too many genres. Day to day conceiving ideas for a different genre, distracted by the next idea and the next.


Oh my god, I did it again.


I mean I think I’m just rambling at this point. I legitimately have nothing to say but here’s to hoping a topic comes up….




Please… no? ?


Well, I guess this stream of consciousness is the scab then.


Back to real life I go. Where the rambling will likely continue, on and on in my mind.


Until I find something worth saying to the world.

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