Our Deepest Fear

Four months in already. Fuck.

Things are hectic. Real hectic. Long gone are the days of bizarre hypothetical briefs and posters about dildos. I write this as we prepare to have fucking five live briefs with real world presence if the work is peppered heavily with some of that miraculous A-Game seasoning. That, in itself, is both wildly exciting and utterly terrifying. And we’re not even at D&AD yet.

For those in the Honey cohort, you may recognise the title of this scab from something I referenced in a past reflection, but it never fully came to fruition as my laptop at the time wanted to be a ten-tonne pile of shit – anyway…

…it’s very easy to wonder during this process if we’re moving at the right pace, and amongst other things, regularly second guess the absolute onslaught of decisions we’re making on a day-to-day basis.

So, I leave you with a clip from the film Coach Carter, when Rick Gonzalez recites Marianne Williamson’s passage ‘Our Deepest Fear’. I leave it for anyone in this current intake, for any future intakes clearly procrastinating and have stumbled across this, or just generally anyone reading this who might be having a little bit of a wobble.


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