Passion, Passion, Passion by @kylejforeman

Kyle Foreman

By Kyle Foreman


Passion, Passion, Passion


Like a Russian doll I have many Me’s that sit inside other Me’s. So it’s that time when I have started to panic, slowly rushing (oxymoron) around trying to figure out how to present my “This is me” project.


Here are some example’s of the Me’s I thought to present.



1.The Kyle who grew up on a small music festival so he turned a shed in his garden into a small recording studio and started to record his EP.


  1. The Kyle who bought a ring making set off Amazon after he took part in a ring making workshop at a music festival in Cornwall. He found it very therapeutic and it slowed him down, focusing him on one thing. Link to time lapse…


  1. The Kyle who lastly got in contact with a Buddhist monastery on a small Scottish island, which is near to where he grew up. He wants to make a documentary about them and the reasoning behind setting up a monastery in Scotland of all places.


All in all I’m finding it really hard to determine which “me” sums me up best.


I seem to be questioning myself rather than shouting from the rooftops “THIS IS ME!!!!” in a titanic styled scene of self-empowerment.


But sadly I feel like Kate slowly watching Leo drift away.


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