Pre SCA Tips

Congrats you’re in ! Here’s some things I wish I knew before I started so you don’t do the same as silly old me.


This is a biggie. Even if you think you know it, learn more. I thought i was set with some pretty decent adobe skills and I was so bloody wrong. Time is of the essence sweet and getting quick at mocking things up will serve you well. Illustrator is the most important so if you want to ignore my advice and just dabble in adobe then make sure its this one. After effects next, a nice case study can hide a multitude of sins. Photoshop is pretty key too but not as much as the other two.

  1. Do the reading. Properly.

Although I did do the reading, I think it would have helped to have taken some more time with it. Maybe don’t multitask with it. Highlight stuff, make notes, read that puppy fo real! Saves you having to go back after a few months for a refresh. 

  1. Do you homework

Whenever someone used to reference a famous old ad I didn’t know I would smile and say ‘oh yeah bbh right’ just in case they weren’t sure and would just go along with it. Apart from this it does just become frustrating when mentours reference ads and you have no clue what they are talking about. Slows things down so much which as you know is not what you want in sca. 

  1. Chill out 

I think it’s just the timing of when you do your interview day and the stage that the students are in on the course, but when I did my interview day everyone was so very stressed. Every question I asked got linked back to how heavy the workload is which wasn’t very helpful. IT’S NOT ALL BAD POPPET. It’s really not the end of the world, the workload is big and compounds throughout the course but just don’t stress. Hahah so easy to type not to do but like you catch my drift surely just like, chill out? There’s way more fun times than stressful times once you’re here.

  1. Set some boundaries 

Decide before you start what boundaries your setting and actually stick to them. What time are  you going to stop working? Are you a lunch and work type or a lunch then work kinda person? Make sure when you start working with people they know those boundaries. It will keep you sane when things start to pile up. If you forfeit this task you will be squished by the big red hand of sca. Maybe I should put this first. Actually if you don’t read this all the way through then you aren’t sca material anyway 🙂

  1. Decide what you want to do

I would say decide what agencies you want to go to before but it’s not 100% necessary, however it would help to tailor your work to try and impress them from pretty early on.

Well that’s all. If I think of more I’ll do a part 2 if ya likey. Sweet dreams.

Love from,


Also take this all with a pinch of salt, we’re only halfway through the course right now.


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