Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain – By @LawrenceESlater

Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain

I’m finding it more challenging than ever to find a starting point for my SCAB’s. All I can think about is the highs and lows of isolation.  It has also crossed my mind that more people than before are probably reading them.

In my neighbourhood (and probably yours too) rainbows have been appearing stuck in the front windows of the houses. My street is a terraced street so with houses neatly packed I’m able to see a lot of these on my way to join the queue outside my local Sainsbury’s. These are drawn by children as a sign of hope for passers-by during this global pandemic. For me, they really do bring a warming sense of hope. I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s different versions. I have always loved children’s drawings, they have an unfiltered and confident charm to them which just makes them look so good. I guess people get older and start worrying about what people will think, their images become controlled and to me it makes them lose energy. The funniest one I’ve seen so far was a rainbow coloured sock stuck to a window. Not a drawing I know but it really did make me lol.

Inspired by these I decided to draw my own which I put in the deck for reflections on Friday. While doing this I remembered the acronym I was taught at school that orders the colours of the rainbow. Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain. This bothered me, I don’t know anything about Richard nor his battle. And kids probably feel the same. This is possibly why (to my amusement) I’ve seen so many with the colours off or jumbled. So, I decided to write some of my own versions of the acronym. 

Let me know if any stick or you have some to add to my list. 

Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain

Rachel O’Yonder gave birth in Venice

Raymond orders yummy Greek bagels in victory

Really old Greeks, yesterday, bickered in vain

Ragey orangutang yells get back it’s vital 

Rupert opens your gate brings in vino

Rubbish officer yawns, goes by (in) illegal vehicle

Ring out your great bells in victory

Raw or yucky Green Broccoli Is vegan

Round or yellow, good bread is vegan

Rally often yields great boost in voting

Romantic Oscar yearns great beauty in visualisation

Real old yoghurt gave bikers indigestion violently

Remember only young giraffes bring in vultures

Renting out your green bin is virtuous

Remember only your grandmother believes in virtues

Recently on your grandma’s boat, I vomited

Remember only young great Briton’s interfere violently

Really only guilty Baskin is victorious

Remember only yuppies go boating in Venice

Recently over Yarmouth, great balloons imploded violently

Really only young green beans increase vitality

Racists, old, young, gave Boris instant victory

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