Routine – By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


It can be mundane doing the same thing everyday. 

Eating the same cereal, walking the same way to work, watching the same morning TV shows and speaking to the same people.

It’s mundane – but it’s easy. 

And because it’s easy routine can become a trap that a lot of us fall in to. 

As creative minded people regardless of what our ultimate end goal is – we need to stay fresh and change things up every once in a while. Because if we eat mundane routine everyday then we will only produce dull tired ideas and dry solutions to problems. 

This easter break – we’ve all had a chance to breathe and although there is still work to be done we’ve been able to reflect upon our routines and see what works and what needs change. 

For me personally – I feel that I need certain levels of routine to be productive and creative. 

I like to always get up at the same time everyday and I have to exercise before my day begins! But aside from that everything else in my routine can be shifted once in a while and the only reason we do the same thing is due to laziness and habit. Changing routine creates sparks and even the small stuff can lead your somewhere new!

So here are some ideas of small ways to change stuff up everyday:

Eat your dinner for breakfast
Go the long way to work/the studio.
Listen to a new radio station
Do your shopping in a different place.
Watch TV shows that you always presume you are going to hate.
Make decisions not goals

Buy the magazines that make you laugh because of how absurd they are. 
Reply to community ads for help
Make an effort to chat to the loner in the pub.
Take the bus if you always get the train.
Walk if you always get the bus.
Spend every morning learning steps to a new dance routine.
Eat dessert for lunch
Walk slowly around places you know and really look at them.
List five things that you are grateful for every single day.
Stop making “To do” lists – make “Will do” lists.
Try and tidy up a bit more – clean space, clear head.
Speak to your neighbour – more than just “hello”

If you don’t have time/money to collect big dots – these small things could lead to free dots that you didn’t even know were out there to find. 

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