Rule Number Four – By @MrBenGolding


By Ben Golding


When I started this course all of those nine(!) weeks ago I set myself five rules to abide by for the duration of the course. I think I’m most likely going to carry these into the foreseeable future post-SCA but I can tell that I’m already beginning to neglect one.

4. Look after yourself.

I have not really been looking after myself as well as I should and am starting to pay the price for it. It’s all so easy to make excuses for a hurried McDonalds on a weekday evening or stopping exercise for that extra hour in bed. They are all excuses and as a creative person I’m sure I could come up with hundreds of them, some of them half good with a little bit of work behind them. But thats it, none of the excuses help when your body and mind start to give up a little bit because you’ve been living at permanently full tilt for too long. Maybe its time I set some small achievable goals to get back on top of… myself.

Firstly, I’m not drinking for the entirety of November. Shock horror. This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a drink in 30 hours, let alone days. Most of my social time is spent either in a pub or having a boozy dinner with friends. Christ, I even brew my own beer. So this is going to be fun, and tough, and I might even lose some weight.

Secondly, lets try some of that exercise malarky again. A short run in the morning should give me some energy and hopefully focus me for a day in the studio.

Thirdly, eat better. Which is kind of easy if you are not in a rush, but in a time and money starved world (mine) it can get a little complicated. So its with that in mind I would like to formally announce a small book I am going to be working on in the background. ‘Eat Your Fridge; 3 weeks, 1 shop, cheap and healthy meals’. I love cooking and have a knack for making something tasty from whats at the back of the fridge, so i thought it would make a sense to at least write some of it down. Hopefully someone might like it and they can eat a bit better too.

So there you go, a plan of sorts to kickstart my system back into action. I’m looking forward to seeing the results and feeling like I can take on anything again. Although, November can’t end quick enough.

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