SCA Spotlight on…Danielle Melia, Creative Director, We Are Social

  1. What does a day in the life of Danielle Melia look like?           

When I’m in the agency, I tend to start the day meeting one of the team for a coffee. Nothing beats having a good natter IRL. After that, the day could go in any direction. Sometimes I’ll be working with one of our strategists on an exciting new brief. Other times, trying to add a bit of gold dust in creative reviews. Often, I’ll be meeting our lovely clients to talk through some new ideas. I enjoy the people side of my role as much as the work.

2. Who are We Are Social and what do you do?

In a nutshell, we’re a global socially-led creative agency who come up with brand-changing ideas.  

Our creative vision is ‘Ideas Worth Talking About’ which simply means we create ideas that are interesting enough to talk about with your mates over a pint down the pub. 

This no-nonsense approach echoes through to our agency. We work for some of the biggest brands on the planet (Adidas, Kellogg’s, Meta,) but we are always down-to-earth. 

3. What’s the most memorable campaign you’ve worked on at We Are Social?

I’ve got to say the one I’m working on right now with McCain. It’s top secret at the mo but let’s just say we’ve managed to ‘bag’ ourselves a famous drag queen to star in our latest campaign. 

4. What are you most looking forward to out of a partnership with the SCA?

I took a different path into creativity myself. As a Journalism graduate, I didn’t know anything about advertising. So I became an account handler for a few years before shimmying on over to the creative department and realising it was where I belonged. 

I absolutely love being part of something that supports creatives who’ve taken a different route to get to this point. Feels like it was meant to be. 

5. SCA partners are integral to our scholarship initiatives for underrepresented talent. Why do you think diversity in our industry is so important?

First of all, as a creative from a working class town I’m a staunch believer in supporting talent from underprivileged backgrounds.

Wouldn’t creative departments be a boring place if we were all the same? For me, the most exciting work comes when you have a team who are completely different, from completely different backgrounds. A melting pot of talent, beliefs and knowledge. A real energy in the air. 

6. What skills or key qualities do you look for when hiring for your team?

Passion is the first thing I look for. You can have the world’s shiniest folio but if you’re not passionate, I wouldn’t be interested. 

Secondly, whether you understand the power of a ‘big idea’ and I can see this in your work. 

Finally, do you know more about social than me? I love creatives who know how to hack platforms in clever ways – and teach me a thing or two. 

7. What’s happening in the creative industry at the moment? We hear it’s booming!

It’s so bloody exciting! 

Social media is no longer a lesser channel than traditional ‘ATL’. It’s the first channel you think of – and often, nowadays, the lead channel that determines everything else. We’ve never had so many things at our fingertips to make great work.

8. Recommended Reading for aspiring creatives.

Read all the greats, Paul Arden, Jon Hegarty, Dave Trott

Then get yourself through the first 6 months placement by laughing at the madness of the industry with the comic genius on TikTok that is Robert Mayhew

9. Who do you most admire in the creative industry and why?

My mentor, Sue Higgs. The most inspirational straight-talking ECD there is. 

At a time when our industry was at its most sexist, Sue managed to make motherhood and her career work – all whilst making some amazing campaigns. 

10. Top tips and advice for anyone wanting to succeed in the creative industry.

You’ll be up against 1000s of other graduates. So my top tip is to be resilient. You’re going to get knocked back. You’re going to be gutted when ideas don’t get bought. But if you’re passionate enough, you’ll come out on top. 

11. What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given? 

If you enjoy making your work, people will enjoy watching it. 

Check out SCA partners, We Are Social here

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