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By David Korhonen


SCAMP more


Improve my drawing skills was one of my goals earlier this year. It was a long time before I started to draw again. I used to draw a lot when I was a child, but I don’t know why I stopped. Got other hobbies, I guess.


Since September, I already feel like I have improved a lot. It’s more natural for me to comes up with shapes, to create from imagination, even though it’s still easier with a model. I don’t draw as much as I expected, but I keep doing it, which is the most important. Scamps also help a lot to keep the rhythm. 


They are a great way to practice; it helps you create unusual drawings, shapes you wouldn’t have imagined and on very various subjects. It also reconciled me with faces, which is something I hated when I was younger. They are both a way to express your idea and to start adding art directed bits. 


At the same time, it also cut you sometimes on your creativity because you have to draw what your idea is and nothing else. I also am afraid of trying things on it, afraid of having to redraw it. It takes so much time for some drawing that you don’t want to have to redo it. Especially when you are delighted with the one you just draw. 


But iterations are part of the game. And I’m learning it the hard way. This last portfolio review was painful for me, I waited way too much before redrawing the scamps I liked because I didn’t want to kill my babies. My imperfect babies, but with lovely shapes. And I end up with empty drawing without pushing the idea. Because with the time remaining, I could only get rid of what was wrong and not hading new ideas and art directing them. So for now on, I will redo them as much as I have to and focus on the idea rather than the perfect shapes. Because in the end, that’s what it communicates that matters. And I will still have time someday to draw the perfect shapes if I want to.


Ah and use the templates. Even for drawing, because it’s supposed to be posters not doodles.


So yeah this second term will probably be a very scampy one for me. 

I really want to get away from this lovely Photoshop (and I hate photomontage anyway) to keep the drawing train.


On my time, I also have experienced the free drawing. It is basically drawing without anything purpose and having your mind lost in your thought. It is very relaxing with music, and I feel already lost after a few minutes, like a daydream. And results are often surprising. While there are patterns that come every time, little doodles that I draw all the time, they all are very different. And because they don’t say anything and comes from random thoughts, they have something unique on it. 


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