Search History Shockers.

One thing no one ever warns you about starting a career in advertising is how utterly depraved your Google search history will become. 

Long days and sometimes nights, doing strategy research, gaining brand insights, finding inspiration for mood boards, and collecting imagery for executions will genuinely leave you with a search history worth hiding from any Adland outsider with a pair of eyes. 

You may think I’m joking. But I’m not. Sometimes I wonder if a medical professional would have me put away if they saw my search history. I mean, what sane person would Google “thousands of ginger people together in one place wearing all-black HD large image” at a quarter past midnight on a Wednesday evening? 

Advertising students. That’s who. 

So you can really wrap your head around just how unhinged the Google searches of a young creative are, I’m going to take you on a deep dive of mine, exposing myself for your own benefit and understanding. 

You’re welcome in advance.

  1. “Bondage alarm clock”.  
  2. “Clown stripper”.  
  3. “Why don’t gingers have souls?”
  4. “Two Christmas crackers pulling a human apart.”
  5. “Glow in the dark things that stick out of the road.”
  6. “Hand drawn budgie”. 
  7. “A sentient pumpkin stabbing a human”. 
  8. “Imp” meaning. 
  9. “A dog peeing into a human toilet”.
  10.  “Is there culture in Coventry?”
  11. “Two nuns drinking beer outside a church which is on fire digital art.” 
  12.  “Do seagulls sleep?” 
  13.  “Old Cornish woman making a pasty photography”. 
  14. “A priest crowd surfing at a heavy metal concert”. 
  15.  “FAT BALD MAN WEARING A diaper sleeping ON THE FLOOR being whipped”. 

Yeah…anyway…see you in the next SCAB x


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