Sent to Outer Mongolia, by @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee – From the 2015/16 Intake


Sent to Outer Mongolia

Last week I arrived back from spending a month out in Mongolia. I felt a million miles away from the crazy world of advertising.
At first I was a bit worried that I would be away from normal life and all the new creative things happening but it turned out ok thanks to wifi – and it’s safe to say all the crazy facts that I learnt certainly made up for it.

It was particularly amazing to see how influential western culture can be in incredibly small, rural communities out there. A country once famous for it’s nomadic lifestyle now faces huge problems with spikes in gambling and alcohol abuse. It made me think about the books I’ve been reading for the start of term and the effect of the media and how it is truly transforming the country.

In other news:

In this months issue of Creative Review there is an article on the new design of school buildings and the impact they have on learning as well as the importance of creating the right environment. It made me think about the SCA and the very first time I got told about the school.

‘It’s in a church in Brixton that was once converted into nightclub called Mass.’  

I remember (before I even considered applying) I told my friends purely because it sounded so unique.
Then, when I learnt about the structure it just seemed like such a brilliant place.

As much as I am very excited and feel honoured to be learning in such a cool school, I wish everyone could have the opportunity to learn in a place with so much enthusiasm for their chosen career aspiration!

One thing it helped me to become more aware of is how lucky I will be not to be stuck in a plain classroom with a dodgy projector and uninspiring talks.

On Wednesday I popped down to London to view a flat. All was good so I signed up there and then – meaning the possibility of having to travel down from Manchester everyday is no more! I celebrated in the standard way by going to IKEA.

Tomorrow will mark a rite of passage as I will (finally) take the journey to the Apple Store to buy a MacBook.

For now I wish everyone luck flat hunting and hopefully see you all soon!’

Many thanks,

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