Some things you won’t learn at SCA – By @Arthur_Art_Dir

By Arthur Harry



Some things you won’t learn at SCA


You’ll be welcome by the dean explaining why advertising is 99% shit and why you’ll be the ones to make the difference.  


With his faculty they’ll define what creativeness is and how it can be applied in advertising, or elsewhere.


You’ll be submerged by different approaches and techniques that won’t necessarily match each other. The same can be said of the wave of eclectic mentors and their personal opinion.


Suddenly you’ll become an evil Megamind of SMPs, USPs, Insights, Get To By’s and Organising Thoughts – sorry for the spoilers.


Strategies and ideas will flow much faster, your judgment will be incisive and give you an idea of what can be bought and what never will.


Essentially the faculty teaches mass scale thinking and processed creativity.


But there’s a danger in this.


You might become dependent on all these mechanisms and start creating ideas that simply “work”.


That’s when you should remind yourself of the two lies and a truth you shared at the interview day.


These three answers define your character.


Embrace it, showcase it and use it. Don’t forget it along the way.


The school won’t teach you how to be peculiar or different. That comes from your own personal experiences.


Always seek new ones outside of the studio. It’s where you’ll find new answers.


Get different opinions and guidance directly from the agencies you dream to work at.


Emancipate yourself at an early stage and the path ahead will seem clearer.


I’m very grateful for all the creatives who dedicated some of their time to give us feedback.


They really helped us put into perspective the stage we’re at and the next steps we had to follow. As little as it seems just seeing the way they think and point out the holes in our strategies was so invigorating.


But at the end of the day it’s all subjective and there may not be a right or wrong answer. There can only be what you deem true and right. So trust yourself every second and sell the hell out of your idea.

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