Spend 10 minutes with an image

The other day we had the pleasure of receiving a masterclass from both Alan Burles and Graham Fink. At the end of a masterclass we were set with the task of studying an image presented to us for 10 minutes. It was said the longer we looked at the image the more we would see and we were encouraged to practise this more regularly and for longer periods of time.

For my image to study I’ve chosen an image by William Egleston, one of my favourite photographers. I am setting the timer now and will be back in 10 minutes to share my thoughts.

The turquoise diner seats are a very bold choice for a place to eat partnered with the orange brick of the wall. Because of the brick wall, and the photo having a short depth, I slightly feel claustrophobic alongside met with a large barnett of hair as another obstacle. The lady has carefully crafted this elegant and elaborate hairstyle, the dress jewels slowly creeping up her head, I wonder why it is slightly of centre, did she intend it this way? The pearls she is wearing for the time makes me think this is a meeting or perhaps a work occasion. Her head blocks the man sitting opposite her also wearing a shirt but you can see his collar is more splayed which suggests he is more casual, so therefore it may be later in the evening after work having an evening meal. They have both lit a fresh cigarette, perhaps the first toke was too much as she covers her mouth she is coughing. The gingham seems a bit more of a country style then within a city so I can only presume the estblishemnt is in the suburbs somewhere. I can see an empty glass and cup on the opposite side of the table which might show they are at the end of the meal, which also makes sense why they are having a cigarette. The top of her dress is slightly undone. It looks like they brought a pack of cards to entertain themselves.

The analysis above is actually more rewarding than i thought it would be. It’s nice to have an unfiltered dialog with yourself whilst also gifting yourself the time just to focus on one thing for 10 minutes and to get lost in that world for a short while.


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