Stay “Cultured” By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Stay “Cultured”

Working at SCA is a very compliant process but it’s a very comfortable environment to be in. The studio is warm, friendly and has a nice buzz around the room when people are working. But this buzz comes at a cost to concentration it becomes easy to zone out. It’s like when you are sleeping in a mate’s front room, the fridge is making a noise and when it stops you realise that noise was actually quite relaxing. The studio is like a constant fridge noise, its relaxing but distracting at the same time. I mean I don’t like working in silence but it’s good to have some unpolluted non-advertising ear time.

It’s good to zone out sometimes it relieves your brain of the stockpiles research you have just been doing on a brand. But when you zone out in the studio you can’t avoid hearing the things you zoned out to not think about. Getting out of the studio is going to be a big thing I am going to implement in my process over the rest of the course.

Getting out just more in general is just as important as leaving the studio. There are things happening every day of the week mostly for free or nearly free. Go to a £1 entry comedy club on a Wednesday, see a pop up exhibition in Shoreditch, go have a look at some new graffiti on the Southbank or go out to a new event and listen to some weird music. Being inside and not making the most of this city is a huge opportunity wasted.

It’s hard to start out with finding things to do, It’s like delving into a new music genre you’ve wanted to get into for a while. You have to search through the lists of generic playlists listen to some shit before you find the one artist that you like. Give it a month and you’ll know the ins and outs of who is in that genre and then it’s on to the next thing. It’s the same for finding things to do, the more things you actually go out to see and less you care about what your mates are doing this weekend the easier it will be to find things there are to do. Even if you didn’t enjoy what you did, at least you tried and know what not to do next time, you have just developed your list of things to do.

When I moved here I knew I’d try my hardest to experience the city whenever and wherever I could. Staying in my PJS and looking at my TV is only nice for about two hours, anything more comes with slight guilt. Guilt that I’m missing out. Guilt that I’m not involved. Gilt that I have missed an opportunity. London is a big big place and it’s easy to just drift a long under a duvet in your spare time. But if you get yourself out there, meet people and find things to do the more you’ll begin to feel included in this city instead of just ­surfing it.

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