Stay Humble

Jacqueline Hedge






By @jcxh


A couple weeks ago, Marc sent round an email to our arduino-panicked ranks telling us it was ok that we were feeling challenged. That was the point.


But don’t feel like you need to create a hovercraft with it. Simplicity is ok.


Crawl. Walk. Run.

We will start at a crawl and work from there.



Possibly achieve flight.

Aim for the stratosphere if you do.


Ok so I embellished slightly but that was the jist.


After shedding clumps of hair over this arduino project and feeling like a child with my lack of know-how; the biggest problem I’ve had to overcome has been attempting to do cartwheels with this thing when I barely knew how to balance in the first place. Of all the things I learnt at university, humility was not one of them. I did something that I was good at and I knew a lot, and was learning more. I was smart. I could argue. I could generate ideas and expand them into complex concepts. I have a DEGREE, goddammit. I am a HIGHLY CAPABLE young person.


So WHY is this knocking me back so far?


My egocentricity may have made me a little more thick skinned when this project got challenging, but it also means that I’ve been left disappointed.


I was expecting to come to the end of this with something I could pat myself on the back for because I had fought through self doubt and adversity and come out the other side with SOMETHING regardless of my incapabilities.


And, for the most part, I have done.


I have something that looks like a terrifying electrical spider with extra limbs and it does something kinda cool… I guess; but the main thing I’ve learnt is that it’s going to be important for me to be humble. Become a child again. Fall on my arse and admit that I can’t quite walk yet but try again instead of trying to blag it and flinging myself in a certain direction with the nonchalant attitude that I’ll get there anyway, no matter in what style or shape.  


My ambition may have made me more adventurous, but if I’m going to be able to deal with the failures and setbacks that will come thick and fast over this next year, it’s going to take setting my higher- educated attitude aside and stay ambitious, but keep in mind that I’m still learning to crawl.

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