Stop the funk, let’s play some music. – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboukrat


Stop the funk, let’s play some music. 


Working at SCA is one of my great honour in life and I want to maintain my high standard thru out the year. Lately, I have been struggling new year, new flat and new life.


I feel like I need time to meditate and do an introspection of all the events.  


But I have faith in what we are doing at SCA. I don’t want to change the world but if only I could make it slightly better. That is why I am putting all my energy into my work. 


I am the kind that is driven when it’s a matter of creating something new. Since I was a child I wanted to do ads. Therefore, I want to try all the world has to offer. In an artistic way of course. 


Lately, I’ve been living in three different flat at the same time. It was so hard to go to school after a night on a couch. All the bags I carried during the week where so heavy. 


One day I hope I will be able to tell my story. 


Maybe, that last Friday when I moved completely from my last flat, to go to some friend’s house. It was raining and I carried everything for 30 minutes. Also, I did twice the round-trip. 

It is weird to see all your belonging laying on the street. Because one of your suitcases broke because you’ve put too much into. 

Thankfully I catch my breath and thought of a solution. I had a rope with me so I tight everything together. 

Still, after all that had happen to me during the winter break, I started screaming at god in front of a church. I thought that it was the worst day of my life and was angry at myself.


I arrived at my friend house sat on the couch. At this moment I felt my heart starting to burn. I was becoming more and more anxious, sitting on a couch on a Friday night in an empty house. Tears and anger for all that I had to face were starting to show. 


Then I heard the wind rising, the door opening and with a lovely Australian accent someone yelling: “Piiierrrre!!!”. 


I think at this moment, I looked at myself from a distance and start running into my own body. I jumped over the table, knock down the anger and whip out the tears. I popped my bottle of red wine took my notebook wrote those few words:


“In your life the adventure is not the places you go to, but the people you meet” 


Then I spend a nice weekend cooking and doing the dishes because in truth I am a little bit of a French maid sometimes. 

Plus, I went to the childhood museum with Rolly and took nice pictures of her and of people in the street. People in London enjoy so much when I take a picture of them and that is very cool. 


Ps: you will get that love someday 😉 


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