Stupid Villagers Smarter Zombies @lastwordstyped ‏

by Darius Rodrigues

There was this kid playing mine craft told me there are portals and a Neverland, he could make fire with his fingers, couldn’t download adventure mode because if he downloaded that his creative mode would delete itself, the modes had megabytes listed next to them mad how he couldn’t explore because of his data limit. He said he thought adventure mode was like creative in that you could just build except you had lives, you didn’t survive the villagers (stupid) or the zombies (much smarter) every time. I think his name was Ben. It started us both sitting in the family room he had red hair and a blue-white striped t-shirt on started by saying you alright mate what are you in for he said granny has cancer she is called Anita. His other grandmother was called Rosemary I said that’s an even nicer name, people don’t get called that nowadays. There’s fire on the floor of his game, I said do you have brothers or sisters? He said yes but they don’t live with me but I do have a new baby sister called Julia. I said did you ever play the lava game he laughed and said yes sometimes we have lava monsters. He showed me his portal but I couldn’t see it asked him is it hidden he said no I know I put it there, sure enough, he walked through it. He showed me how he can use TNT and exploded something said that was small let me show you what happens after a big explosion. He took me to the top of a cliff looked down zoomed in and he said there’s nothing down there that’s oblivion it was firey like a volcano. I said are you sure you can’t go down there he said why would you want to go down there? I looked over at the bookcase loads of DVDs on it I saw die hard 1 2 3 packaged in one off-white box set said to myself that’s ironic for a hospice I wonder who brought that in and did they finish the box set. His parents came in and said hello I hope he’s not annoying you I thought fucking hell, of course, you said that and I said no no he’s showing me Minecraft I never played it myself, they had his little sister with them. I said is that your little sister he looked up quickly said yes then look look he’d made another explosion I thought this kid will either build or kill one day. After a minute I said okay mate I’ve got to go check on my mum he looked in my eyes then put his head down like he was shy all of a sudden and said ok. I shook his hand he shook back limply with his head down and I left his parents awkwardly thanked me on the way out.


A day later, I was on my way out with Dad and we saw him again. We both looked up at his mum she was crying holding Julia we looked back down at kid I said hello mate are you okay? He said my granny has 2 days. I thought why has he got that information dad said you’ve got to be strong dad said strong for your mum his mum said stronger for his dad even more kid says yeah it’s my dad’s mum his mum pierced a bit and said yeah your dad’s no good at not being strong I said to kid he needs to watch his dad because he’ll need him but won’t say so he said don’t worry – my dad’ as strong as I am. He got excited he started, there’s his game where..!. We laughed a bit she laughed but then she said sorry he’s autistic he doesn’t feel emotions in the…. proper way she herself went back off into her tears and mobile. When she said autistic he went back against the wall like a kid his age had just pushed him against it dad immediately engaged him again sorry about that tell us about that game. I said how’s Minecraft? He said I made it to Never.


Before this week, one of the things I thought was most wrong in this world, in that it takes away from what’s in front of us, was iPhones. Realising I’m lucky I nearly always want to be involved in the world in front of me.

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