The Antidote – By @ThatPinkSuit

Rhiannon Butlin

By Rhiannon Butlin


The Antidote 

Advertising is becoming painfully cool. 

Cool people. 

Making cool stuff.

That other cool people like. 

One big all-consuming cycle of cool. 

Well, I have the antidote. And it’s just three days away. Eurovision Song Contest. It’s difficult to describe how important Eurovision is to my family. I often try to explain it to people – people who are unfortunate to have become entangled in a conversation about Eurovison with me – by equating it to The World Cup for other families. It’s television Christmas. I travelled across the country every year for three years to make it home for Eurovision. It’s no laughing matter in my house and as such, it’s run with the precision of a military operation. The curry is ordered in advance. The score sheets are prepared.T-shirts of support are even printed. And for God’s sake don’t you dare rewind because if it’s not live then Twitter won’t make any sense at all! 

But why Eurovision? Well, it’s deeply un-cool. And more importantly, it’s unashamedly so. It’s all-singing, all-dancing, all-inclusive and it’s just about the camp-est thing on television. In fact, factor in how nauseatingly trashy it is and it’s no surprise that it’s inadvertently become the ‘x amongst o’s’ in British programming. 

The truth is, cool is quickly becoming a standard of modern media. Meanwhile, humans remain a strange and nuanced little lot. So strange in fact, that sometimes we find ourselves quite charmed by a transgender woman sporting a rather handsome beard. 

Sure, it’s certainly not for everyone, but if Eurovision can teach us anything, it’s that embracing our strangest eccentricities can be a lot of fun. And maybe advertising can learn something from that. 

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