The best way to take your mind off @DandADNewBlood – By Fat Penguin

By Fat Penguin – The SCA Intake of 2016/17



The best way to take your mind off D&AD New Blood


Augustine: Get gospel-choir-doing-a-cover-of-Paul-Simon’s-Graceland tickets from Jesse. Make sure he’s put down a non-refundable £80 deposit. Be under the impression that said deposit is, in fact, refundable. Eat dinner before going. Have no choice but to spend it all on wine. Boogie.


Jesse: Well seemingly it’s being the class ticket tout, so I’ve got two more for this Tuesday. 16 quid each. Who wants ‘em? BUY! SELL! Geeeet ya’ tickets!


Beth: I’m finding that the best way to take my mind off D&AD is going to see friends who aren’t involved in advertising. As you get to escape from the world of the studio. It’s also really nice, just going outside to get fresh air and chill on the swings with the local squirrels.


Jacob: The easiest way for me to take my mind off of D&AD is by spending time with my mates, who completely despise advertising and couldn’t care less about my ideas. They’re pretty amazed that advertising even has awards, so chatting to them about normal everyday crap let’s me appreciate that it’s not the end of the world if I don’t win an award.


Miranda: I’ve always been a fan of swinging, but since coming to SCA it’s become a daily necessity. The idea of being a ‘playful child’ in the studio has always slightly irritated me, but the reality of being outside in the church playground is a pleasant respite.


Kyle: I try and play music with my friends every weekend. I think not being in front of a screen and having to focus on something that isn’t connected to the outside world is so important. From the wise words of George S. Patton “No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.”  


Daze: Tomorrow night I’m going to a burlesque drag show put on by refugees. So that’s something.


Robyn: My internet history indicates I’m spending a significant amount of time on travel sites – probably absent-mindedly dreaming of warmer climes and cocktails on a beach. Looks like I’m off to Greece this summer.


Mark: Honestly, I’m really struggling to get D&AD out of my head right now. It’s stuck there, like a mosquito, buzzing iritatingling at the back of my brain. So I am hoping that I can steal some of these ideas and relax a bit.


Alex: Come Friday 5PM I need no help. D&AD is dead to me long live the weekend. Honestly just let it run in the background and enjoy your downtime however you want.


Flav: dancing it off on the sofa. Christina Yang and Meredith Grey should win a Nobel in ‘advice ‘.

Malou: May I just say: It’s quite impossible to NOT be thinking about D&AD all the time. It’s in your brain! More specifically slightly to the left, a bit up, then with a sharp turn towards south east you’ll find your subconscious. Here your little D&AD babies feed and eat and play. In order to get them really playful and full of energy I tend to…. Eh just get away and do anything, really. No laptop, no phone. A conversation with a friend or a nice cappuccino at the local cafe, where I can sit and enjoy myself by looking (and observing) other people. Research in a relaxed way.


Ludo: Read anything that’s not advertising, I can’t get enough of Wilbur Smith, and I’m currently at a 50/50 split on whether to become a creative or a pirate. ARGHH matey.


Max: Beer, music and a sincere desire to escape reality.


Sophie: To switch off I have to have my focus on something else. From that I get into the wonderful brain dead mode. At the moment it’s all about Ex On The Beach. The title gives you a clue about the calibre of this program.


Mary: Just get away from your laptop. Oh, and have a pint or two.


Kenny: Go down the internet rabbit hole! Find things you like, watch them, read them, interact with them. Just veg out online and see how far you can travel. Take your mind off of advertising and find out something new!


Rollo: Break your phone and visit the Apple Store three times. It seems to really help.


Bunmi: watch shows and then more shows, eat until i get a fat belly and watch films. I take random walks like to the shops and just look up. I chase squirrels so they can be my friend. Massive one is my pleasure drug, music!


Adeline: I play Uno.


James: Binge watch some shows at the weekend. Realised that you need some brain-dead downtime to keep sane.


Lauren: A South African gospel choir.


Christine: Affordable Art fair. Watching catfish about a guy thinking he has been in a relationship with Katy Perry for 6 years. Recording Destiny’s Child “Say my name” but with Lees lyrics “Cathing Cod”. Dirty burger. Having Gnomes (Naomi) sleeping next to me for the whole week (you know how much space she takes). Also, I can’t even say DNA without saying D&AD….


Gnome: I make up stories about other people in my head that are extremely distorted. Staying in London the whole week with my school friends. Shout out to Chrissy, Mona, Henry and Malou. Much love and don’t worry i’ll be back Monday x

Mona: This SCAB made me realise I’ve been really bad at switching off during D&AD this week, and that’s surely not gonna help me coming up with fresh and creative ideas. I usually love walking around London and taking photos to take my mind off work, so that’s definitely on my weekend’s plans!


Pjotr: Play chess.


Lee: Also playing chess. Only slightly better.


Tomo: Go for a jog. Get out of the studio. Go for a pint. But just one. Or two.


Krista: Netflix.


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