The End? – By @elisaczerwenka

The End?

When I started SCA there was so much time. Every day was filled with such a crazy amount of new lessons, that one week felt like a month.
I honestly can’t believe how quickly time has passed.So many weeks to learn, grow and get that portfolio right. Marc would always tell us to remember how many days we had left for portfolio day. I didn’t start counting until two months before. It feels like I blinked once, and now we only have three weeks left. What happened?My inner self tells me that Ellie&I’s book hasn’t changed much in the past months. But when I open the file from March, I realise how shit it was then. And how no page stayed the same, and how it doubled in size.

Will I think the same about my book from this week in three weeks?

Most likely.

One thing that makes me sad is how weird we have to end this year. A pandemic was in no one’s schedule. Some of my friends I can’t even hug to say goodbye to, and because we are in different countries, I don’t even know when I will see them again. That hurts. I wish our portfolio day were happening in the studio, so I could feel the excitement when I walk in. And give everyone twice the amount of hugs I’d typically give. I always loved going through the pile of our books to see how much better they got each week. Now I click through random links and go through google slides docs. It’s so different. Portfolio Day will be our final day, staring at each other’s virtual faces.

On the other hand, the portfolio day is not the end. It just marks the end of one chapter of my life. And to be honest, there is way more ahead of me than behind me. I know that the bond of SCA will unite us, Alumni, for years to come, just as it has done for previous intakes. And as soon as we can, we’ll all hang out again and laugh about how stressed we were for various deadlines. The marathon of SCA has changed me for the better in so many ways, and I am ready for the final sprint.

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