The fear of the unknown – By @_ElliotL


By Elliot Lee

The fear of the unknown

I’ve felt my head has been screwed on more than ever at the SCA. With the final weeks dawning it’s probably about time. Though, that being said, it’s absolutely inevitable that a fear of the unknown fast approaches.

I always go back to what Alex Mecklenburg told me during my coaching session. It’s all about what your willingness to challenge your own negotiables and non-negotiables. Recently I’ve been more pro-active. Outside my book with a few others on the course I’ve been working on some stuff for a magazine company, and now a tech start-up. Constantly challenging myself creatively broadens my mind and refreshes my thinking. I can’t explain how cool just coming up with ideas all day is. However it comes with consequences.

There’s no right or wrong in the creative industries. You’re always in this state of unknown. A mixture of excitement and being terrified on a regular basis is an understatement. You just have to grab your ideas by the balls and roll with whatever comes out of it.

You have to remind yourself while at the SCA you pretty much have creative freedom over everything you produce, without limits really. Even for live briefs, you can still present your wild ideas. As an intake we can’t let worry set in of not getting placements, or the possibility of unemployment. We need to just express our creative freedom as much as possible, and have purpose with everything we produce.

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