The other things – By @Holly_Georgious

By Holly Georgious


The other things


It is easy, in a world where we are told to work harder and faster, to forget that it is the things outside of advertising that more often than not inspire and inform our best work. They are the podcasts you were told about, the books you’ve always wanted to read, but never got around to and the television shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on. It is the West End shows, the underground comedy and summer festivals. It is the shopping trips, walks and bus rides. It is the things we didn’t realise were things, the everyday and mundane. The different and exciting.

The problem with these things though, is that doing them can make you feel guilty. Thoughts running through your head ‘Should I be doing this? Should I be doing that?  Or should I be doing something else entirely? Should I be working? Or scamping? Should I be researching? SMP searching? Should I be head down pen out, waiting for the right idea to come around?’ But the truth is, those things, those ideas, the game changing ones don’t come to those who sit around and wait. They come to those who get up, get out and concentrate on something else. They come to those who do the other things. The other things you see give you your great ideas, your great insights and your great facts.

It was Leo Burnett who said ‘Curiosity about life in all aspects is the secret of great creative people.’ So be curious and explore. The other things are not distractions. They are simply curiosity and having an interest in these things is what we need to feed ourselves to feed our work. If input does indeed determine output then sop the other things up. Drink up every part of life, every subject , culture and interest. Soak up each and every view, every method and religion. Because these are the things that will bring with them genius, believable, honest genius. But more than that they bring with them fun. 

So next time you feel bad or lazy or sad or even just downtrodden due to spending time on things outside of the advertising realm. step back. And have a good think. Because the likelihood is your doing the best thing you can to help your little idea grow. And you never know because it could be a moment like these that a future idea searching you will be very thankful for.  

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