The What’s What of Netflix – By @Holly_Georgious

The What’s What of Netflix (other entrainment providers are available)

By this point, everyone knows we are stuck inside, and it’s not that there is nothing to do, because there is quite a lot to do (you could read, write a play, an anthology, paint a picture, work out the answer to the Riemann hypothesis, cook, clean even learn a language, the list goes on.) The problem for many – at SCA anyway- is how do you switch off? When you work in the same place you play how do you switch off relax and take a break?

The answer to that is different to everyone and I am certainly not qualified to answer it, but I do know what works for me. For me I read, listen to podcasts, go for a run, to the gym (pre Coron). But the thing that works best is simple, it’s watching a TV, so here is a list of my top 5 programmes on Netflix and beyond.

5) Grace and Frankie (Netflix 6 series)

I love “Grace and Frankie”, it is the perfect light-hearted funny injection into your day. An American comedy featuring the eco queen that is Jane Fonda, “Grace and Frankie” follows the lives of two women in their 70’s whose husbands leave, after falling in love with each other. Grace an uptight businesswomen and Frankie a Jewish hippie are forced into figuring out their new normal, while their families are thrust into a situation none of them were prepared for. This comedy explores, life, love and friendship in a refreshing and hilarious way I employ anyone to watch it and not instantly fall in love with it.

Genre: Comedy

4) How To Get Away With Murder (Netflix 5 series)

ARGUABLY one of the best shows on Netflix, “How To Get Away With Murder” is not new and yet it still makes it in to the ‘top 5 (brain) switch off’ programs. Produced by the genius Shonda Rhimes, the story follows a top criminal defence lawyer and her undergraduate class as they get wrapped up in cases and twists that become more than they bargained for. This is one of my favourite programs and I am not ashamed to admit it, its twist and turns combined with some stunning writing (Peter Norwalk) and acting (from Viola Davies- won an Emmy for her performance) makes it the perfect binge-watching show.

Genre: Dark, Drama (dark but not too heavy)

3) She (Netflix 2 series)

“She” is an odd one, it’s certainly not the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a watch. “She” is good easy TV, the show follows a stalker as he falls in love and tries to navigate through life. It’s full of shocks, twists and is highly addictive. The more I write this the more I remember how good the first series is, without giving anything away you are left questioning everything.

Genre: Dark, Drama (not heavy)

2) Tiger King (Netflix 1 series)

Obviously, this one was going to be in here! I tried to resist watching it and in all honestly, I wasn’t really interested in seeing it because I already knew the story. But despite having listened to a podcast on it and knowing what was going to happen I caved. Being surrounded by people constantly talking about it, changing their zoom backgrounds to pictures of Joe Exotic and sending related memes I had to see what the fuss was all about.

I wasn’t expecting much, and quite frankly I thought I’d half-watch an episode get bored and switch it off, but oh my giddy-ard was I wrong. It doesn’t matter if you already know the story, because the people in this program are a gift to television/laptop screens. I cannot put into words how ideal this program is all I can say is the people in it are so bizarre that they almost unreal. It is hilarious, sad, intriguing, beyond strange and just great which is weird when you realise it’s a true-crime program. But I think that’s just it. You go in expecting one thing and you get something else. Tiger King is so much more than the average true-crime documentary, and I guess that’s because it’s not really one. Instead, you are transported into the hyperbolic world of Joe Exotic with light peppering’s of murder, fraud and lawsuits. It’s easy to watch, interesting and extremely entraining, you will be obsessed, shocked and left questioning whether anyone is right in this mad world.

Genre: Documentary, True Crime, Reality TV? I want to say comedy but it’s not

1) The Split (BBC/iplayer 2 series)

The split is so much more than a show about a family of divorce lawyers, it’s a show about life, love, what is to be human and the workings of family relationships. It explores topics of lost love, family dynamics, infidelity and more, the acting’s great, the writings great, the whole things great (and I’m not just saying that because I fancy one of the actors…although he is great too.)

Genre: Drama, Love

I couldn’t talk about TV without mentioning this must-see so here is a little bonus watch:

Modern Love (Nowtv 1 series)

Do not take the fact that this is a bonus as meaning it is in any way the worst because it is in many ways the best. It is beautifully written, acted, shot, performed and is one of the best things I have watched in ages, in fact, it may be one of my favourite things I have ever seen.

“Modern Love” is based on a New York Times book and articles of the same name. The series explores love and human connection in all it’s forms, in beauty and madness. Each episode tells a different story in differing styles.  Although one or two may seem strange at first you have to see them through, because there is beauty in every single one of them. With a wide range of A-listers to help bring the true stories to life, it is by far one of the most artistic and just stunningly beautiful things I have ever watched. “Modern Love” leaves you with quotes you want to read over and over, magic you will never forget and wisdom you will take with you in life, I urge everyone to see it.

So without further or do get your popcorn out (SALTY only please) get yourself a drink put your feet up, lights down and enjoy.

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