The woods – By @bastien52530427

The woods

The sun is low in the sky. Soon he meets with the horizon and the glowing orange daylight becomes more intense. Then, when the sun finally disappears, a magnificent red light took place at the hedge of the hearth. It’s hard to stay insensible in front of such a spectacle, hard to don’t admit the beauty of nature too. So as an animal instinct I find it the right time to go for a walk in the woods. My mind needs to breathe and what more pleasant than enjoying a trip into the paths of my childhood. It’s agreeable to be able to just leave your desk and get access to nature just by going down some steps. The time I decide to disconnect from work, I’m already walking down the way toward the wood edge.

The road, usually quite dangerous, is now silent. It’s almost to calm to be true. But it also allowed me to take some good pictures of my house and remind me of the journey I used to do every morning to go to school. The birds are loud. Really loud. And as the humans isolate, nature rises again and those birds remind it to me, as I approach the little dirt road. The first step out of tar is stupidly agreeable, but then I notice that living in a large city, my feet are used to step on thick concrete surfaces most of the time and rediscovering the instability of the grass and the mud is nice. So I take a moment, I stop and look up, it’s almost dark, but the blue sky is still here, I can see it through the branches of the tall and old trees that bord the track. Solid protection against the wind and the sun during the day, they become scarier and scarier as the night slowly take back her rights. The leaves are moved by the fresh breeze, creating a constant ambiance sound, reminding me that everything around is alive.

I feel small surrounded by the immensity of nature, by things that are older than my grandparents, things that will be here a long time after I died. I have to feel that way, I need to realize how insignificant I am in a way, from that perspective at least. So as the red atmosphere disappears, eaten by the deep navy blue of the sky, I decided to go a bit further into this world that just feels unreal when I make those kinds of statements. It’s a nice place to be and it’s good to be home, despite the reason. To be able to walk again on those paths reminds me a lot of old stories. It triggers my memories and it’s as agreeable as useful. Getting lost in this area just help me find myself again. Finally, at the top of the hill, I can look back at the plain and watch the very last rays of the sun disappear to leave the room to a starry night. 

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