Time for what we love – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski 


Time for what we love

It’s been a while since i’ve sat down and wrote about my first love and my true passion. Painting. My dream was to organise an exhibition once I arrived in London but life happened and things got in the way and I never got to do it and my work started to be at the forefront of my mind and I forgot about my passion for to paint. It’s frustrating because I don’t really have space to paint at my current home, I used to have a nice little area in France dedicated to painting. Everything’s in it place which leaves me room to have limitless creativity.

My « This is me » project before the term started was the last time I got to show my true passion and express myself using the medium I find more comfortable.

Having an exhibition in London is still an idea that’s stuck in my head. I’ll never forget this and I’m still motivated to one day do it. But I know now is not the right time. When I do it I want to give it my all and achieve my dream on my own terms. Not rush into it. I’ll go for it once the years up and I’ve established myself in a career, so it’s something that exists in the world not just a one off passion project but something that adds value to the world.

For now, I’d love you to enjoy some of my paintings.

Thanks xxx



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