To the next intake – By @NicholasKugge

Nick Kugge

By Nick Kugge


To the next intake



A couple of advices from these two amazing years at SCA, good luck with the year to come.



  • Ask “why” for every task.


  • Be a curious creative generalist, be knowledgeable about everything.


  • Pick the brands from the agencies you want to work for.


  • Creativity is at its best when facing a problem.


  • If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.


  • Ego, is the beast.


  • Find the mess in people’s everyday life.


  • Work on several briefs at the same time.


  • Empathy and curiosity are key.


  • Explain your idea in a sentence.


  • Sell your ethos, people buy your “why”.


  • Look at the purchase mechanic.


  • How does your idea connect throughout the different channels, what’s their sequence?


  • What’s the journey of your audience, what are the relevant touch-points where you can engage with them?


  • Don’t underestimate the emotional relevance of music.


  • People identify wants not needs.


  • We’re in the business of persuasion, it’s not about being right or wrong.


  • Have fun with perfectionism.


  • Editing is about deleting the superfluous.


  • Don’t be safe with your work or it’ll be invisible. Formulate a strong opinion.


  • To be original. Seek your inspiration from unexpected sources.


  • Develop a complete disregard for where your abilities end.


  • Make your ideas, don’t have another endless list of ideas that never happened.


  • When pitching an idea (not final work), don’t show polished work, show scamps, to get the audience involved by letting them use their imagination.


  • Show a book with ideas agencies can’t do, they can do print and TV ads, what can’t they do?


  • Don’t covet your ideas, they belong to everyone. Tell people your ideas, so you need to come up with better ones.


  • In defense of advertising: we are all hustling and selling or trying to make people buy something. Our services or our point of view. We are all selling, even the Church. We are all in advertising. It’s part of life.



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