Vegans and chickens – By @PavouxAlison

By Alison Pavoux


Vegans and chickens

I am going to speak about chickens, we don’t consider them enough.
Chickens are amazing, they are the most popular animal created, world wouldn’t be the same without chickens.

First, they inspire us, chickens are into a lot of movies, and even advertising. Who does not remember the Mercedes-Benz spot? It was amazing, so simple and unexpected, I love it. They don’t know it, but they are the funny and silly character in most of cartoons, like Chicken run or HeiHei in Moana.

Second, they are intriguing, and nobody can say the opposite because I bet everybody around the world heard about THE question, who came first? Chicken or egg. I personally think the chicken came first, but we will never know, and I am not going to explain my point of view or I will write an entire book. Chickens make us think about history and facts, big deal. But one more time, they don’t know it, because they are stupid chickens.
Third, they are naturally generous and give us one egg a day, isn’t it amazing?

I know there is a lot of complaining about chickens farm exploitation, but as said Marc, chickens don’t want to go anywhere. It is true. Give them a bit of field, they will stay in the chickens coop anyway.

The last reason why everybody like chickens is the worst one but the truest: This is sucks for them, but god, they taste so good. Everyone likes chicken meat, and it is so various, you can’t get bored with chicken: Chicken wings, chicken nuggets, chicken liken, chicken burger, chicken curry… I could finish my SCAB writing chickens meals. All around the world people eat chickens, whatever their country, their religion, or the season. I am going to say something disgusting, but even chickens eat chickens.

The world is so unfair, you better born as a cat than as a chicken or a cow. Cats get everything they want and even more, they are kings of houses. But when you think about it, they are bigger than chickens, why don’t we eat cats? Because they are cute? Society does that, we would feel bad to eat a cats or any domestic animals. You wouldn’t eat your cutie little rabbit, but if it is one from the field, there is no pity at all, probably same taste though. Anyway, chickens didn’t get our hearts, they are victims. They may have a chance to be release though, vegans are more and more every day, fighting for them. I understand vegan’s claim but I think it is idealistic. I do trust in a world where we all eat less meet and are more concerned by animal’s condition, it will happen and it is great, but I also know that cats eat mousses and they are not going to stop. Be vegan is trendy, this weekend I was walking in Camden town when I saw the sign “Young and vegan”, and I thought “Yeah it sounds so cool” but then I remembered I am not even a vegetarian. Anyway, I wish vegans will save chickens.

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