The Misadventures of Tissue Man. – By @alfsuit

By Alfie Souter


The Misadventures of Tissue Man.


Before you watch the video read this for some context otherwise I look even weirder than the video suggests. Like all cool and trendy people I watch a lot of anime. So, when thinking about the passion project I was forced to confront my very small range of passions. When looking at them on paper I thought at first ah yes I’ll just become a pro footballer. But then I came up with an even better idea. I thought I could just do a comic. I knew this would be fun to do and give me the opportunity to get my drawing back up to scratch for the start of SCA. 


I quickly decided doing a whole comic was suicidal. Leading me to a more newspaper style three panel storylines. I found the process fun and amusing. The thought alone of what I would have said at uni to doing the same thing as work kept me entertained. Not to trod too much on the toes of my passion project video submission, if Marc does go ahead with his threat to show some of them to the cohort at large. I’ll talk a bit about the project as a whole. 


I started out brainstorming useless superhero’s in the vain of captain hindsight from South Park. I eventually settled on tissue man because I could really picture what he would look like and his motivations. I spent a tube journey doodling his misadventures. However, the first challenge appeared when my hilarious wank and sex jokes were dismissed by those who I pitched them to. They will see who is childish when I put burning bags of shit on their front doorstep. Not that I branched hugely from their advice. The ‘first issue’ was just a guy doing a poo. But I feel I managed to put a few gags in there that are at least worth a slight chuckle. 


The process began with simply flicking through some of the manga (Japanese version of a comics) I have. I picked bits and pieces to incorporate into the character I wanted to create. Mainly using the manga one punch man. The protagonist is drawn very simply and looks quite funny in my opinion anyway. 


I then made 4 different series. I wanted to do more but it was extremely time-consuming which if did not anticipate. Anyway, rather than talk anymore about it here’s me doing some great voice overs for the drawings:


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