Warble 1.0 – By @alexjheath

Warble 1.0 

A license to talk about ourselves 17.33333 times this year. Grand. Thank you Marc. October can’t come soon enough. Truly excited to expose myself to a wealth of experience, new ways of thinking, and the coronavirus. 

Speaking of exposition: my name’s Alex, this is my first SCAB, and I’ve been in Hereford for 6 months since lockdown. 

I leave on Monday. I’ve been trying to grow leeks in my parents’ garden and am thoroughly miserable at the thought of leaving the little fellas behind. As exciting, good and as all consuming as SCA 2.0 may be, it will be hard-pressed to match the thrill of watching my leeks grow for half a year

Honestly, it’s a real honour to have gotten into the school. I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to strain all my personal relationships in order to pay for it, too. 

Looks like SCA have accepted loads of people called Alex, which is cool and if there’s anything to take away from this experience, it would be that nominative determinism is a real thing and you really have no choice over your future. And with that in mind, I hope that the previous Alex’s at SCA were at least half-decent

Segue into: 

Here are two of my favourite songs at the moment: si=EFPnNv65QDa8KJVLxYI85w si=2swBA6EUSmuMeh-nePD51Q 

I’ve listened to 8 hours of people talk about advertising this week, which I was certain would totally kill the buzz, but I’m pleased to report that it has done the opposite. Ah.. and that’s probably why Marc put that on the list. 

Right now I’m in the midst of packing, reading, getting proverbial sh together. That’s exciting. 

Catch you in a bit, 


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