Waste of time…? by @Goodworkmyboy

Søren Birk






By Søren Birk


Do people get exactly what they want out of there time?

When I was looking for lunch in brixton last friday, I bumped into many different people with different agendas. Some busy and others just walked around without having a specific goal for the day. After I passed many of them I went back to a thought I always have when i feel i’m busy “Many people have too much time.” Now when i think about it does it meant that I think I uses my time better than them? I wonder if they think, they actually use their time wisely?


How can I prevent that I’m wasting time?

I experience fluctuating energy in my body, that I can’t control even with coffee or sleep, but I try to keep it up as long as possible. When I know that the energy level is down I get the feeling it would be waste of time to keep on working because nothing good will come out of it and it will for sure be better to stop and have a break. But is it a waste of time not to do something? Is it worth to fill the gaps with something else? I think i sometimes need to do nothing at all, just lie down on the floor in silence.


What a waste of time for me?

If I know what “waste of time” for me is will I then be able to cut it down and remove it..? At present time i feel that the time I spend on making decisions can be a waste of time. Why do i find it so hard? I also have a feeling of being “behind” and find that it is a waste of time. I should be so simple to make a decision, but I think I have to be 100% happy about it before it feels right…? Does it mean that I currently work too slow?


How much can you get out of time?

But that said how much can I really get out of the time? if I don’t get enough out of it now when is the right time then? isn’t it about finding the right balance between hard work and being satisfied and happy? Marc are telling us that we only are working on 50% to 60% now and that makes me turn the volume buttons a step more. I don’t know how big that step can be without leaving myself behind. Sometimes I surprises myself about it and other times I’m really disappointed. Does all this make me my own limitation?

Last Friday I felt a bit disappointed about the amount of work I did that day. I felt that the process wasn’t moving fast enough. But is it not just because it’s part of the process to sometimes get stock? or does it mean that I must be able to work at 100% all the time?


Can I nudge myself to think its easy?

But why should I feel the pressure now? Isnt that a bit ridiculous I mean im only working on 3 briefs. How can that be hard? This amount of work is nothing at all. This thought makes it much easier for me, so maybe I should put it on me wall at home where all the other great advices are. Im here because i love doing this. Even under pressure. Smile and enjoy.

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” – Bruce Lee

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