Weighty matters – By @PipBaines13

By Philippa Baines



Weighty matters


I’ve put on a stone since coming to SCA.


It’s a shame.


I’m so tired all the time with work, I’ve been having too many Kit Kats to lift my sugar levels.


I’ve also stopped doing my couch to 5k.


I’ve stopped going to the gym and doing Pilates.


I also haven’t had so much time to cook, so keep buying sandwiches.


This term I hope to ride my bicycle to school.


I also hope to run more in the evenings.


Soon it will be Lido season and Brockwell I’m coming for you.


This term break I’ve been trying to shift some pounds, it’s going to take a while though.


I know this may sound a little banal a topic for a SCAB but my body has certainly reflected a slightly unhealthy regime I’ve been driving myself into.


I’m not being the person I want to be; I want to eat healthier and move around more.


It can seem daunting though, promising yourself an evening’s exercise when you know you’ll have to work that evening.


When I was younger, I was determined to get amazing grades and the same thing happened as what is going on now.


I hope I can get back to my pre-SCA constitution.


Summer is coming and I want to fit into my clothes.


There’s a life beyond SCA too, starting placements, and I want to be the best I can be: mind, spirit and me ‘bod.’


I’m scheduling in the time. One thing I’ve started noticing is that I subconsciously get very upset when I don’t stick to my schedule and stuff goes wrong. This, to some extent, has happened over the break and I want to work on just accepting minor failures throughout the day.


Reflecting on term 2, I think my work has improved. Next term I hope to get even better without neglecting my health so much.

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